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Environment & Sustainability

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Here at KGB we measure the impact of our operations on the environment and have in place set targets and objectives for on-going improvement. As well as complying with all relevant environmental legislation we are ISO 14001 compliant and it this in conjunction with our internal culture and actions that confirm our continued approach to sustainability embracing significant effort toward reducing our overall carbon footprint.

This is achieved through on-going education of our staff in environmental matters and awareness, application of EU Eco-label or EU Flower approved products, providing local employment with a particular focus on the young and long term unemployed, engaging local suppliers and supporting our chosen charities in fund raising and public awareness.

In addition we acknowledge that carbon reduction is a key feature of our environmental strategy. This includes; consideration to delivery miles, extent of packaging, concentration of liquids and other related factors in the sourcing of suppliers and products; where mechanical equipment is to be used, key selection criteria reviews consumption, water usage and motor efficiency; sourcing of sustainable energy suppliers and green energy tariffs; minimise transportation costs to meetings where alternatives are available and practical such as teleconferencing and facilitate alternative working arrangements, including home working etc. as well as promote the use of public transport.

Overall our aim is to continually improve our sustainability performance, to reduce the environmental impact of our activities as well as helping our employees, clients and the local communities within which we work to do the same.